No more Forrest 6 Hour

The Forrest 6 Hour for 2017 was the last time WeRideBikes will run this event.

Thank you to everyone for your support over the years, we hope you've had fun.

Forrest 10hr - Our First Entry Joe!


Back on 2nd January, we got our first Forrest 3, 6 & 10hr entry.
It was for the 10hr event, and it was from local Gherang MTB rider, Matt(Joe)Anstee.
He had a few excited words to say:

Rippa, 1st to enter the 10hr!  The first nutcase!! 

G’day, my name is Matt(Joe) Anstee.  I’m 45 years young and have entered the first Forrest 10hr, solo.

A little bit about me and my love of mountain biking.

I’ve always loved riding anything with two wheels, BMX and motocross as a kid.  As a kid growing up in the 70’s your bike (dragster and later on BMX) was all you had, it was your freedom!  
I guess now in my mid 40’s mountain biking takes me back to when I was a kid, the fun and freedom  and riding with mates. 

My first endurance race was the Forrest 6hr many years ago in a team of two. 
Our local Gherang Mountain bike Club was well represented with all the members riding, 4 gazebos, fire pit, BBQ and a massage therapist!!!!  It was an absolute hoot!!  That’s when the bug bit me!!  I was hooked!!
Since then I’ve only missed one due to injury.

I enjoy the 6 HR + events the best.  You settle into a rhythm  and that time on your bike, riding sweet single track, your not thinking about anything else. 
Last year I raced the Bright 24 solo.  My first 24!  I was lucky to do it with 4  great mates, 2 riding and 2 in the pits. 
I remember at the 12hr mark thinking, this is for me!! The tempo was great, just settle in and enjoy the trails! 
At about 1am the thunder and lightning hit, what a show!! Then it got quiet, like no one else was racing!! 

Then it got weird!! ....

Big black slugs appeared on the track, I did my best to avoid them. 
Some I gave names to!!  The first I named was Kevin,  I got a little emotional when after a few laps saying hello to Kevin I found he had been ran over!! I asked the other slugs who did it but they didn’t see their race number. 
Then the first birds started singing, then the sun came up! 
What  a feeling, made it through the night!! 

For some reason I kept having Bob Marley songs going through my head!! 
At the end of the race I was determined to grow Dreads!  But I didn’t. 
The sense of achievement in completing an endurance event is immense and will never be forgotten.

When I found out about the Forrest 10 hr I was stoked!!
The 6hr is great fun so 10hrs should be funnerer!!
I’m hoping to have my 13YO son in the pits for the 10hr along with some metes who will be racing the 6hr teams.

I raced the Victorian Enduro Series solo last year which is 7, 6hr events around the state.  This and the Bright 24 taught me the importance of hydration and nutrition.  And a good nights sleep the night before! 
My fav race food………….Bakers Delight, White Choc and blueberry scones, Baked crispy in a jaffle iron over a flame.  And pumpkin soup.

If your thinking of entering the 10hr, here are my tips!!  

  • First, don’t think about entering!!  Just do it!!  You’ll talk yourself out of it if you think too long!! 
  • Most people I talk to say “but I haven’t been riding enough”  I haven’t  trained enough!”  “My bike isn’t good enough” (I did my first 6hr solo on a second hand $500 steal single speed)     
  • Are you racing to win it?, “no”.  Well where’s the issue? Just ride and do your best!!
  • One of my first 6hr races I saw a fella in his 60’s racing solo.  He would cut a lap, get off the bike, sit down, have a cup of tea, a bite to eat, then cut another lap. 
    He was having the time of his life, taking his time and chatting to other riders. 
    He didn’t win but he probably had the best time!!  And he could brag he raced a 6hr solo!!!

I’ll be cutting laps on my trusty single speed with no suspension.  So if you have a mountain bike, with gears and suspension you have no excuses.  Get onto it!!!!

I Hope to see plenty of happy, grinning fellow riders enjoying their bikes, sweet Forrest single track and a great event vibe!!