No more Forrest 6 Hour

The Forrest 6 Hour for 2017 was the last time WeRideBikes will run this event.

Thank you to everyone for your support over the years, we hope you've had fun.


The Course Map 3, 6 & 10hr events.

Course Maps, Strava and GPS details at bottom of article

The course for the 2017 Forrest 3, 6 & 10 Hour has been designed to appeal to the elite competitor, as well as making it a very acheivable course for everyone.

Climbing has been kept to a minimum, and additional sections of wide open firetrail or double track to allow for passing opportunities, and taking on drink and food, for solo competitors.

Forrest's famous "Marriners Run" is a key feature of the course, with its world class berms, we know you will remember this course for many years after the event.

This course has been described as a "down hill loop"... how we have managed to create a course that is just so fun, will remain our secret.
We are sure you will enjoy this course and with average lap times less than 30 minutes, means that you are your team mates get more laps!

Two separate courses for Solos & Teams.

Solo riders will have sections of their own course.  Essentially the solo course will leave the teams course on a couple of occassions and rejoin it again.

This will allow for less conjested racing, less potential impact on the trails and shorter lap times for team riders. Please see the two courses.

Solo Course Description (just in case the map makes no sense)

Starting from the race village, you will head along Centre road and turn right into the equestrian trail. Taking a right at the end, heading down some fast double track, before taking a left into the climb of Marriners run.  At the top of this climb you will go left and head into the lesser used section of Marriners before coming back into the full Marriners loop.

Towards the end of the loop you will take a left onto a short section of double track, that will take you to Cemetary Road where you will turn left and head uphill all the way back to the main Yaugher Trail head carpark.  Dropping into Foxtail, you will be off the brakes and out of the saddle for the next 5-10 minutes making your way all the way down to the table top.  Taking a sharp right hand turn which will take you to a longer section of double track before crossing Cemetary road again and heading into Super Loop.

Finally after finishing the section of Super Loop you duck into Grass Tress in reverse for a quick blast before coming back out again, right turn and heading back into the race village.

Remember - If you are racing the 10hr event which starts at 6am, you will need a front light and rear flasher until sunrise, approx 7:30am

Team Course Description. (just in case the map makes no sense)

Heading away from the race village, you will go along Centre Rd, turning right down a short section of singletrack which takes you back onto Marriners run just in time for all the berms.  Following Marriners all the way until the double track section, where you will head straight up for a well earned short section where you will be able to rest, before turning right and diving down into the tail end section of Marriners which is high speed goodness.

A short climb brings you back up to Cemetary road where you will head straight across and turn right heading downhill along Foxtail at the same time rejoining the Solo course.

At the first junction you will turn hard right along a popular section of whoopdedoos before crossing Cemetary road again and diving down into Super loop and once again joining the solo riders.  Climb back up to the race village and slap your team mates bum and wish them all the best.

Solo Map



Teams Map