No more Forrest 6 Hour

The Forrest 6 Hour for 2017 was the last time WeRideBikes will run this event.

Thank you to everyone for your support over the years, we hope you've had fun.

The Middleton Man Child Syndrome...they eventually turn into men!


Hamish and Calum are in the middle, white tops, Calum is Vote for pedro.

Calum and Hamish are brothers. Brought up on a farm on the outskirts of Colac, riding bikes for most of their lives thus far.  When I met them Cal was that young age where I could ride with him..just but knew that he would be fast in only a matter of days as he took on that 15-16 year old Manchild growth in everywhere, especially on the bike!
As Calum grew up, and sped his way through the trails of Forrest young Hamish was nipping at heels and then before long Ham-wah as we called him turned into that damn Manchild, riding faster than us deteriorating adults.
In my head, they will be forever Man Children.  Let me introduce you to the Middleton Men.


Hamish - how old were you when you first started racing and tell us a bit about the young Hamish on a roadie!

I was 9 years old when I first got on the road bike. Started racing soon after, it wasn't until i was 14/5 that I began to fully understand training and tactics so watching me race as a youngster wasn't pretty. Luckily for me I soon found some strength on the bike and whilst I wasn't the strongest climber I did fairly well in tough windy flat conditions.

Calum - how old were you? what do you remember? How did you both get into cycling?

I would have been about 12 or 13 (under 15's) when I started to race. What I remember from early on is that I was racing all the junior tours around the state and heading to Nationals in Queensland. I had my first race after dad and I bought a 80's road bike from the Ballarat swap meet for $50.


How old are you both now?  When did you both take up MTB'ing?

Hamish - I'm 21 now and I took up mountain biking when I was 13, I got into cycling by following in the older brothers footsteps.

Calum - I'm 24 turning 25 in October. I was about 17 when I started race on the MTB.


What has been the hardest thing on the bike you have done?


Hamish - The hardest thing I've done on a bike would be Junior National MTB Champs, racing the best in Australia in 40 degree heat was full noise.

Calum - The hardest thing that I've done would be doing the 2012 Melbourne to Warrnambool, 7 hours + on the bike. Which I'm sure will change after the Forrest 6 hour.


Calum what about Belgium? Tell us about that and what you learnt?

Belgium was one the best experience on the bike, even though it was cut short after having surgery on my finger. The 2 months I had over there and racing 10-15 amateur kermesses was massive learning curve, you soon learn how to push and shove your way around on a bike.


After a few years of keeping your feet on the pedals but not really turning in anger what has brought you back to race the Forrest 6hr?

Hamish -  I figured it was about time to commit back to the bike and a 6 hr at home seemed like the best option. Calum didn't take too much convincing as I think he's been looking for an excuse to race for a while too.

Calum - The last few years I've been studying and working a full time 'real job' so the 'pro hours' have been on the back burner. But with this year I'm heading back to uni so with a bit more time I'm hoping to actually start racing again and what better way to start back on the MTB and do a 6 hour.


Tell us about your Junior experiences of racing the event?

Hamish - I have fond memories of the event - as a junior racing mens pairs and doing well. So I'm excited to be back at Forrest.

Calum - My junior experience of the event would be hanging with the old crew and smashing mixed pairs with Liz. I think I raced solo once but didn't get very far so hopefully in the next 10 weeks get some solid weeks in and improve on that.


How will you manage this event?

Hamish - Everyone has their own way of managing an event like a 6hr race or long endurance race. The simplest way I've found is to break it up so it isn't a daunting task. I'll race in 3x2 hour blocks. The first I'll be holding back trying to keep the race start nerves down, the second is all about nutrition and consistency and the last is about gauging how I am feeling and seeing if I've got anything left to give.

Calum - We haven't really discussed managing the event yet. I'm two weeks into a bit of a loose program with the plan to bump up the hours to 10-12 leading up to the event. I'll see how that goes with work and uni but I should manage.


What are your goals and plans?

Hamish - The goal is to finish on the 6 hour mark, it's the first race back and after being abroad for the last 2 months I'll have just under 9 weeks training under the belt, so I'm hoping I'll make it!

Calum - My goal is to beat Hamish of course!!!